Cloverfield Dairy Vintage Style Tin Sign

Cloverfield Dairy Vintage Style Tin Sign

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For as long as you can remember, you've had a love of vintage decorative accents. Modern decor is fine, but there's something extra special about pieces from the past. Maybe it's the appeal of a forgotten past or just the overall design, but you've always loved incorporating vintage-inspired pieces into your home.


This Cloverfield Dairy Tin Sign from Lavida may not be the real deal vintage, but it's just as great as the original. The white horizontal sign features a black cow at the centre with black writing that reads "Cloverfield Dairy Farm" at the top along with "Certified Quality" underneath. On the bottom in white with a black background reads "Producer of sunshine milk." The edges are worn with a rust-inspired detailing to give it a weathered appearance, as if it's been sitting outside for years. Place this piece on your porch or in your kitchen, but wherever you display it, it's sure to be one of your new favourite decorative accents.

30 x 13 cms.


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