Spring is here!

Well apparently Spring is here but I'm not sure you would really know that if all you had to go by was the nation's weather map!  It still feels like winter in Melbourne and yet our northern neighbours have rushed straight into bush fire season.

Still with Spring often comes the Spring Clean and what better to start your tidy up than with some of our environmentally friendly cleaning products.

We have our Be Good Dish Brush.  It's the little brush that saved the world. Well, maybe not quite, but with a sustainable bamboo handle and recycled plastic bristles, it’s a heck of a start. Be good to your home; be good to your planet.


  • Brush head & bristles made from recycled plastic
  • Renewable bamboo handle is finished with natural oils
  • Super durable, yet easy on the planet

Then there is the Crystal Clear Glass Cleaner.  It's sustainable bamboo handle meets biodegradable cellulose sponge for glass washing rendezous. Outlook? Super sudsy scrubbing and serious shimmering sparkle.


  • Biodegradable cellulose sponge is safe on all glassware
  • Stands on end to air dry
  • Ergonomic handle for comfortable grip
  • Layers of sponge remove lipstick and coffee stains
  • Renewable bamboo handle is coated with natural oils to withstand water

And last but not least is our Laid Back Brush.  All-natural bristles absorb and hold soap; recycled bristles provide tough scrubbing action. With a stylish bamboo handle and biodegradable Bonterra™ — this brush feels good in your hand, looks good on you rcounter and it's extra-good for the earth.


  • Bamboo is finished with natural oils to withstand water
  • Arch shape looks great and keeps the bristles off your benchtop
  • Replaceable brush head reduces waste

Of course if cleaning isn't really your thing (and we understand why that might be the case) then feel free to explore our site and check out the fabulous new products we've added!

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